Kachofugetsu is basically open all year round

Open throughout the day
(no lunch break hours)

Signature Menu

Shrimp Wonton Men (Soy Sauce)


Homemade aged, highly watered noodles (chigere thin noodles) and an elegant soup based on seafood broth. The wonton skin is very thin and has a smooth and fluffy texture.

Kachofugetsu Ramen (Soy Sauce)


A well rounded menu with all of our popular ingredients topped with all of our popular toppings. It also includes our signature shrimp wontons, and is recommended for first-time visitors.

Regular menu

Wonton men (soy sauce)


This is an orthodox version of Sakata ramen wonton noodle soup. You can taste the traditional fluffy thin-skinned wontons.

Ramen (Soy Sauce)


The menu is simply designed to let you enjoy Sakata ramen.

Sakata’s Tsuke Wantanmen


It originated from Kachofugetsu.
Wontons are added to the tsukemen noodle soup to give it a Sakata flavor.

Store Limited Menu

Sakata Honten only

Shrimp Wonton Men (Yuzu Shio)


Shrimp Wontanmen (Yuzu-Shio) is a limited menu item at the Sakata Main Store.
The homemade aged, highly watered noodles and salty soup are flavored with a fresh yuzu citron aroma. The wonton skin is very thin and has a smooth and fluffy texture.

Yamagata Kitamachi Ten and Minami Ten only

Spicy Miso Shrimp Wontanmen


This popular menu item is a fusion of Yamagata’s spicy miso culture and Sakata’s wonton culture. The homemade thick, curly noodles are tossed with spicy miso and topped with crispy onions and bean sprouts.

Tsuruoka Ten, Kitamachi Ten and Minami Ten only

Shrimp Wonton Men (Japanese Sesame Miso)



Tsuruoka Ten, Kitamachi Ten and Minami Ten only

grilled gyoza


These crispy and juicy dumplings are popular with adults and children alike to accompany ramen.

Other Menu

Stewed Chashu pork
boiled egg

About Kacho Fugetsu

We are still in the process of growing, but together with our current staff, we are moving forward to create a better company.

We aim to be “a restaurant that is loved by everyone in the community,” and we hope that everyone will feel the happiness of eating by carefully communicating with us on a daily basis.

We always remember to be grateful for the support we receive, and ultimately, we hope to contribute to the revitalization of the local community by sending our message to the whole country (including the thoughts of local residents).

We look forward to your continued support as we continue our pursuit.

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Kachofugetsu’s Commitment


Soft and Fluffy

Specialty shrimp wontons

A whole plump shrimp wrapped in a traditional homemade thin-skinned wonton is the ultimate shrimp wonton.

Sakata’s traditional skills

Traditional thin-skinned wontons

The wontons are stretched as thin as possible to achieve a soft and fluffy texture that is like swallowing a cloud.

Mochi Mochi Noodles

Homemade aged, highly watered noodles

The noodles are aged for 2 to 3 days to remove just the right amount of water, which gives them a firm and chewy texture. The noodles are exquisitely wavy and well mixed with the soup.

Elegant ramen

Carefully selected ingredients

We carefully select ingredients produced domestically and in Yamagata Prefecture as much as possible.

A finishing touch

roasted pork fillet

The extra fat is removed and the soy sauce is added to give the fish an aromatic flavor.